Wichtige DCB Mitteilung

Liebe DCB-Mitglieder, liebe Cricketer in Deutschland,

wir sind in den letzten Wochen von Mitgliedern darauf angesprochen worden, ob es zuträfe, dass es Bestrebungen in Nordrhein Westfalen gebe, einen neuen Verband namens Deutsche Cricket Union(DCU) zu gründen. Dazu ist Folgendes festzustellen: Weiterlesen

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25th anniversary of ICC membership for the DCB

WNTOn the eve of the 25th year of good relations between the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Deutscher Cricket Bund (DCB), the ICC has officially expressed its appreciation for the work of the DCB.

In a letter from ICC Chief Executive Officer David Richardson to the DCB President Dr. Brian Fell, Richardson praised the efforts of the DCB in developing cricket in Germany. The letter of 10 December reads: Weiterlesen

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DCB Women’s Cricket Programme in 2016

DCBDCB Women’s Officer Monika Loveday has released the programme for women’s cricket in 2016 in Germany.

The highlight will be the national team taking part in an international tournament in Denmark in early August. This will be preceded in May by a tour to Bologna, Italy to play some friendly matches against rivals Italy. This will be funded by the team themselves.

Domestically, it is planned to seperate the Bundesliga into two regions to allow for new teams to enter. The winners of the Bundesliga Nord will then play the winners of the Bundesliga Süd in order to determine who will be German Champions. Weiterlesen

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DCB AGM confirms seven new life honorary members

WNTThe recent AGM in Munich saw seven people accepted as life honorary members of the DCB in recognition for their many years of service to German cricket. Many of those have been involved with German cricket since the founding of the DCB in 1989.

The seven new honorary members are: Weiterlesen

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Brian Fell re-elected for a 20th year as DCB President

DCBAt the recent DCB Annual General Meeting in Munich, DCB President Dr. Brian Fell was unanimously re-elected as DCB President. This two year period of office will see Brian exceed 20 years as President of the DCB.

Also unanimously re-elected was Sajid Sikandar as DCB Youth Officer. Sajid has coached the successful Under 19 national team for the last four years which culminated in us winning the European Five Nations Tournament in Belgium last year.

Press Officer André Leslie has stepped down from his position after deciding to return to his native Australia. This position remains unfilled and the duties will be carried out by DCB General Manager Brian Mantle until a successor can be found.

The AGM also saw minor changes to the DCB constitution made, as well as the annual prize winners being honoured and seven people being elected as honorary members of the DCB. This will be reported upon in a separate article.

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Hans-Heinrich Mai tritt als Bundestrainer der Damen zurück

WNTMit Bedauern muss der DCB mitteilen, dass Hans-Heinrich Mai von seinem Amt als Bundestrainer der Frauen zurückgetreten ist.

Hans-Heinrich Mai war seit den Anfängen des Frauencrickets in Deutschland involviert, zuerst auf Vereinsebene in Schwerin, dann bei der Bildung der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft in 2009.

Durch sein Engangement und Weitsicht führte er die Frauen zu zahlreichen Erfolgen auf Internationaler Ebene, angefangen beim Turniersieg in Belgien in 2010 über das fantastische Heimturnier mit 7 Nationen in Berlin in 2014, bis zum 3. Platz in Jersey in diesem Jahr.

Wir möchten unseren Dank aussprechen, für den wertvollen Beitrag, den Hans-Heinrich Mai über die letzten Jahre geleistet hat.

Als sein Nachfolger wurde der bisherige Co-Trainer Matthew Powell ernannt.

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DCB Preise: Besondere Leistungen in Cricket – Adschi Keim

DCBThe penultimate of this year’s DCB awards goes to Adschi Keim – for his decades of work behind the scenes in cricket in Munich.

Adschi is the man who has organised Pak Orient CC in Munich for decades. His passion for our sport is well-known and goes beyond the normal activities of running his club.

Apart from winning the DCB Bundesliga twice during his time, Adschi has been instrumental in getting the first permanent cricket pitch in Munich at his club and is active in local politics, always on behalf of cricket.

Additionally, Adschi has been involved in the integration of young players in his club over many years and did this at a time when it was not as fashionable as it is now. Two players (Sher Khan and Murtaza Siddiqui) recently represented Germany in the successful Under 19 tournament in Belgium.

The DCB would like to honour our friend Adschi for his tireless efforts over many years in the cause of German cricket. He will be honoured at this year’s AGM in Munich.

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