First ever German regional women’s league starts in Damshagen this weekend

North German cricket breaks even more new ground this weekend with the first games in the DCB Womens Bundesliga Nord.

Four teams have signed up for a T20 league that will run throughout the summer. This weekend will see the host team from Damshagen take on a mixed team from Hannover and Göttingen in two T20 games. This will quickly be followed by games involving THCC Rot-Gelb Hamburg and SG Findorff (Bremen).

This is another very positive development for German cricket.

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North Germany starts season with four different youth leagues

2014-04-03 12.15.24Following on from last year’s successful introduction of competitive youth league cricket in the northern part of Germany, the North German Cricket Association (NDCV) has gone up to another level by organising youth cricket leagues at four different age groups (Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 19).

This is an amazing achievement and one that is set to be repeated in other parts of the country with leagues being set up in Eastern Germany (Berlin and Dresden) as well as Hessen. It is also expected that at least one age-group league will be set up in the Cologne / Düsseldorf region.

In total, the DCB expects something in the region of 35 teams to be playing competitive league cricket in Germany this season. All of this will be 11-a-side and (for all players over 13) with a hard ball.

This has partly been made possible by direct funding from ICC Europe via their “Regional Support Programme” as they are directly funding youth development in three DCB regions this summer.

Our special thanks goes to ICC Europe for their continued support of German cricket as well as to the administrators, coaches, parents and enthusiastic young cricketers making this all possible.

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Pressespiegel: Neue Cricket Saison in den Schlagzeilen

Zeitungen aus aller Ecken der Bundesrepublik berichten immer häufiger in letzter Zeit über Cricket. So gab es in den letzten Tagen einen Bericht aus Offenbach über das Debüt in diesem Jahr von dem Offenbacher Cricket Club in der Bundesliga-Mitte. Zu dem Bericht gibt es auch noch ein Video dazu.

Dresden Sixes newspaper reportDas sehr erfolgreiche Dresden Corporate Sixes Turnier wurde von der Presse in Sachsen reichlich abgedeckt. Und die Freie Presse Zeitung berichtet auch von neuen Pläne für eine Cricket Mannschaft in Chemnitz.

Die Top-Cricketmeldung der letzten Woche hat es sogar in die Bildzeitung geschafft. Herzogin Kate und Prinz William haben in Neuseeland Werbung für die kommende Cricket-WM gemacht, als die gegeneinander Cricket gespielt haben. Angeblich hat einen Wurf vom Prinz William “nur knapp den Kopf seiner Frau verfehlt.” Hört sich gefährlich an! Weiterlesen

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Berlin kids take part in weekend training camp

Two international coaches from this year’s Bundesliga sponsors, T20 International, jetted in to Berlin on Friday to host a weekend Youth Cricket Camp for budding Berlin players aged 7 to 15. Girls and boys from all over the region were given a rare treat to enjoy a weekend dedicated solely to cricket.

On Saturday, cricket coaches Neil Bunting and Robin Maslin, taught the kids a variety of basic cricket skills at an indoor venue in the west of the city, and then gave them a chance to test those skills in some fun and exciting games. Weiterlesen

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First games of the 2014 DCB Bundesliga begin

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailTwo of Germany’s six cricketing regions have started Bundesliga competition this weekend, in what bodes to be an exciting summer of cricket across the country.

Teams in the Bundesliga Süd-West and Bundesliga-Mitte competitions headed out onto the pitch on Sunday April 13th for their first league games on what turned out to be a chilly Spring day.

This season competition is wide-open in a number of regions, as the DCB aims to streamline Bundesliga competitions across the country while at the same time encouraging clubs to work more on proper administration, cricket development and on-field excellence. The DCB Bundesliga competition is being sponsored this season by UK-based company Twenty 20 International. Weiterlesen

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